Friday, August 5, 2011

Back on the Mac, BITCHEZ!

So I'm back on the Mac, using OS X 10.7 Lion. I almost just put Lion in quotes, the way I've been seeing an assload of halfwits doing. Proof that stupidity is contagious, I guess. Anyway, I'm likin' it real well. Makes muh dick hard. Okay, so there's one little niggle -- and no, a niggle is not a furry little black creature that lives under a rock and bursts into song. Well, maybe it is. Anyway, here's my one complaint about Lion -- somewhere in it, lurking, is a pretty serious memory leak. Now I'm not gonna bitch TOO loudly about that -- not yet, anyway -- because Lion is still at "point-oh." Which is to say, ten-point-seven-point-oh. If it gets to around "point-two" and the memory leak is there, bet your purty pink lady-parts that I'll put up an economy sized fuss. But I'm sure Apple will fix it.

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